Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Jesus Christ-the Lifeboat

All I am is a survivor of a sinking ship called the human race. I am sitting in a lifeboat soaking wet because I was just pulled into the boat by someone else. I have my hand outstretched trying to help anyone into the boat who wants on. The boat is big enough for everyone. Amazingly, many refuse the help. They like the water. They're drowning and they refuse to believe it. There is nothing more relevant or urgent than that.

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Anonymous said...

Your example of being in a lifeboat with outstretched arms reaching out to people who are languidly drowning is not apt.

Drowning people are gasping, panicked, struggling for air. Only those overcome by exhaustion or hypothermia will quietly sink below the surface.

You should reconsider your metaphor in light of scripture. The lifeboat metaphor is popular. The problem is that it is not scriptural.