Sunday, July 16, 2006

Nothing New Under the Sun

The only differences between today's world and that of 500, or 2000 years ago involve the speed at which humans can communicate and travel. Human nature is the same. Sin, that thing some Christian leaders would like to avoid talking about at all costs is the same. God, for sure, is the same. His Word, for sure is still both sufficient and superior. His Grace is still available to everyone. There is nothing new under the sun. None of the pressures or temptations facing people today anywhere in the world are new or unique to this time. The whole discussion about cultural sensitivity is, at best, fruitless and a waste. God's Word asks us to examine ourselves first, not make broad accusations of the Church, which, by the way, has done much more, corporately speaking, to help the world meet physical needs than it is given credit for here.
So should we abandon orthodoxy?

Let me tell you, I work 63 hours a week at two ten dollar an hour jobs and I am broke but my kids LOVE JESUS and they believe in Him and call on His name for their salvation. So eternal security is more important to me than my next meal and it should be to you too.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Consumerism in the Church

The following is a response in Out of Ur to an essay about consumerism in the Church. The Link will take you there.

It is human nature to attempt to find or create tangible evidence for our intangible faith. We are more confident in our own faith when we have some kind of a “flag” to fly (bumper sticker, t-shirt, etc.). The result can be that we reduce Christianity to something on a par with being, say, a Yankees fan. And no one who loves the Yankees strives to convert his neighbor who loves the Red Sox over to his side.

The problem is not that we have choices. It is that we have made one choice in particular, the choice to rely on something other than God’s Word and the Holy Spirit for our direction. The Christian community seems to be ever waiting on the “next big thing,” which will follow in the footsteps of the Prayer of Jaybez, the Purpose Driven Life and Emergent.
So Skye’s post is right on. But let’s not conclude that the symptoms are the root problem. The solution begins with each Believer as an individual committing to personal holiness, evangelism, and discipleship. The rest will take care of itself one soul at a time.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Here are the first and last paragraphs of a recent news article.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Six conservative Episcopalian bishops opposed to the liberal drift in the U.S. branch of the Anglican Communion are asking for a trial separation, a move hinting at an eventual divorce over irreconcilable differences, some analysts say……..
…….The U.S. church may again be "pruning" itself, said Rev. Susan Russell of All Saints Church in Pasadena, California and president of Integrity, a group for gay Episcopalians. "Episcopalians like to think of themselves as being a broad, generous church," she said. "We may have reached the point where some can no longer live within the tent."

(c) Reuters 2006. All rights reserved

A "pruning", a realignment, a purification by fire. It may very well be that the "Church", at least in America, is and will be smaller in numbers than was once thought. That is not a bad thing. It will serve God's purpose. It will be a good thing for Christians to get away from denominational loyalty. Being a Christian should not be held as equivalent to being, say, a Yankees fan. There must be a line drawn.

The tough call will be for the true Christian who serves a drifting church body regardless of affiliation. Does one stay, essentially as a missionary to the self-deceived lost? Or does one gravitate toward like minded believers. For me, I think it comes down to the family situation. If there are young children, find the most grounded-in-the-Word-Church you can. If you are mature and strong in the Lord and an empty nester, the missionary way may be what God's calling is for you.