Sunday, July 16, 2006

Nothing New Under the Sun

The only differences between today's world and that of 500, or 2000 years ago involve the speed at which humans can communicate and travel. Human nature is the same. Sin, that thing some Christian leaders would like to avoid talking about at all costs is the same. God, for sure, is the same. His Word, for sure is still both sufficient and superior. His Grace is still available to everyone. There is nothing new under the sun. None of the pressures or temptations facing people today anywhere in the world are new or unique to this time. The whole discussion about cultural sensitivity is, at best, fruitless and a waste. God's Word asks us to examine ourselves first, not make broad accusations of the Church, which, by the way, has done much more, corporately speaking, to help the world meet physical needs than it is given credit for here.
So should we abandon orthodoxy?

Let me tell you, I work 63 hours a week at two ten dollar an hour jobs and I am broke but my kids LOVE JESUS and they believe in Him and call on His name for their salvation. So eternal security is more important to me than my next meal and it should be to you too.


mike rucker said...

How are things?

Haven’t seen much worth commenting on at OutofUr recently; thought I’d just touch base here with your recent post.

If my viewpoints weren’t those of a liberal Christian, I’d say the current events are heralding the end of the world... Man, what a mess. And I feel as an American that we are not doing what we should be doing – I’m not sure exactly what we should be doing, but I just don’t feel we’re taking the leadership role we need to take. As my faith has changed I’ve begun to see this present life as much more important than the afterlife, and whether or not I end up in someone’s view of heaven or hell. I guess at 45 I’m starting to feel a bit responsible to my three daughters for the world as we may leave it – and not just say, “Deal with it – I’ll see you in heaven.” This life either means something – and I mean more than a final exam for where eternity is spent – or it doesn’t. Jesus healed people to ease their suffering *here*. He brought Lazarus back to *this* life from the dead. Maybe we need to pay more attention now and let the end take care of itself. To “love our neighbor” has to apply here, no?

Thanks for listening.

Barry said...

Hey... just wandered over here from Out of Ur, wanted to let you know that I appreciate your thoughts, which appear to have more substance than much of what's being said over there. God bless.