Sunday, December 13, 2009

You Didn't Say What Kind Of Change

Once there was a man who was married. After eight years of marriage, he became fed up with his wife and they divorced. The wife left the man with $10,000 of credit card debt. The man remarried and put the second wife in charge of the family finances. She had promised him 'change' if he would marry her. Faced with a ten thousand debt, the second wife decided the solution was to go further into debt by $100,000. This was ten times the debt left by the first wife. The husband was furious. This was not the kind of change he had in mind. When he asked the second wife why she had done something so irresponsible, the second wife blamed the first wife for leaving behind such a financial mess. This made no sense to the husband. The family could now not even afford to pay the interest on the debt. The husband demanded that the second wife cease her irresponsible spending. The second wife responded by spending another $20,000 on credit. All the while, she claimed that she was left with no choice because of the first wife. She said this even though the debt she had accumulated was now twelve times the debt of the first wife.

The husband wanted to divorce the second wife. Unfortunately, he lived in a country where couples could not divorce until they had been married for at least four years. He had no choice because the second wife ignored his wishes. All she would tell him was, "You said you wanted change. You didn't say what kind of change."

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